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Do you have water leaks or flooding in your home or place of business? Our job is to find them before they can do any more damage. Water leaks when left unaddressed, will eat into the value of your home and property.
Just because your property is new doesn’t mean it can’t have leak problems. Poor construction, substandard piping materials and even ground movement can cause pipes to spring a leak.


Without sophisticated equipment, leaks can be very difficult to find. Not only that. Old, outdated methods of finding leaks can cause unnecessary damage to your home, building or property.
So before you start pulling up the tile or digging up your property, consult with us first.

We have the knowledge and expertise in accurately pinpointing even the most troublesome leaks — without damaging your property!

With knowledge, expertise and latest technology on our side, we serve you with unparalleled efficiency, professionalism, and cost-effective leak detection services.

We offer 24 hour service in and around Melbourne.


Non-invasive leak detection services in Melbourne
Our meter test water leak detection method allows us to inspect entire plumbing systems non-invasively. With our state-of the-art technology and equipment, even leaks buried underground or under the concrete are speedily and accurately located.


Using ultrasound detectors, we are able to precisely locate outdoor sewers and irrigation systems. This cutting-edge detection method facilitates the job without having to dig or cause damage to your property.

Hydrogen gas system, in addition to these equipments, is also employed for locating water leaks.

All these methods working to together eliminate or greatly reduce damage to your property.


Save your property from damage with Water Leak Detectors
Go with the best water leak detectors in Melbourne/Australia.

If water leaks are eroding the long-term value of your property, you need our professional leak detection services.

Take the first step toward securing your property from damage and destruction. Call us today!

Leak Detection Services

  • Leak Detection with Acoustic Leak Detector

    Acoustic leak detection

    Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to detect water leaks without expert assistance. Even...

  • Leak Detection with Digital Camera

    Digital camera leak detection

    Leaving water leaks unaddressed can lead to thousands of dollars in property damage.   Large...

  • Infrared Leak Detection Sevice

    Infrared leak detection

    Are you losing money each month due to hidden moisture in your home or workplace?  ...

  • Tracer Gas Leak Detection with Hydrogen and Helium Gas

    Tracer gas detection

    As a property owner, you are of course invested in the care of your home or building. Starting...

  • Residential and Industrial Gas Leak Detection

    Gas leak detection

    Do you smell gas in your home or workplace? Gas leaks not only cost you money, but they can be...

  • Water Leak Detection Service

    Water Leak Detection

    Are water leaks wreaking havoc to your home, property or workplace? Say goodbye to...

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Our Recent Projects

Water Leak Detection in Belgrave VIC 3160 Suburb:Belgrave, VIC 3160
Problem:Customer has received a very high bill and couldn’t work out exactly what the problem was or the cause of the high bill.
Solution:We needed to investigate the premise and find the direct cause of the problem.

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Water Leak Detection in North Rd Intersection Suburb:North Rd Intersection
Problem:Burst pipe on the road
Solution:Find the exact source of the leak

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Leak Detection in Toorak Suburb:Toorak
Problem:Hot Water dripping down from the ceiling on the ground floor.
Solution:Locate a burst in the hot water line.

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Thank you for the great work boys!
Professional and priced well!

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‘Very pleased with the outcome you took all the stress away in just one hour. Thanks for your help boys. I will recommend you to all my friends’

Jennifer Robinson, St Kilda East Jones

Thank you for finding the leak for me in my bathroom don’t know what I would have done without your help. Very pleased with your service.

Michael Peters, Hallam