Pipe Leak Detection Melbourne Australia – Preventative Care for Your Home

It’s important to realize that maintaining the plumbing in your home is of utmost importance. You can have many things go wrong with your plumbing including having an overflowing septic tank, a water main burst due to cold weather, or you could simply have leaky pipes.


In reality, pipes that leak can often lead to some of the worst damage that can occur in your home. Over time, a small leak or drip can lead to dry rot, and other forms of damage, that could cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, pipe leak detection is a very valuable skill that you should learn and utilize, as well as finding a reputable Melbourne plumber that can come to your aid when you need them the most.


Pipe Leak Detection Tips

The first place that you should begin to look for leaks is on your faucets. These are usually obvious because you will hear that incessant dripping sound that would drive any normal person mad.

This is something that may or may not lead to future damage to your household, but leaks underneath your pipe, specifically on the pipes which carry hot and cold water into your water faucet, can lead to substantial damage later on. This damage can result in dry rot or other forms of damage to your wood which can extend into the cabinet, down into your floor, and if you have a basement, there could be additional problems there as well.

These problems are not limited to structural damage, but may also lead to having mould build-up that could pose a serious health threat to everyone in your household. Therefore, you want to begin with your water faucets, replace them if necessary, and then check underneath every sink, and even your toilet, to see if any water is currently leaking.


Reasons to Use a Plumber

There are several reasons why you should use a plumber when you are searching for potential pipe leaks in your home. First of all, they have decades of experience in many cases, which means they will be able to spot minute leaks which you may have missed. Second, if no leaks were detected, they can also look for damage that has been caused and estimate how much the repairs will cost.

Depending upon how long the leak has been there, and the amount of water that is leaking right now, the damage could either be very small or extremely expensive. Additionally, if you do not have the skills necessary to replace pipes that have cracks, or that need to be repaired in some way, the plumber will be able to do all of this work for you, making it much easier to get things back to normal.


Tricks for Finding Leaks

There are a couple tricks of the trade that both novices and professionals use in order to find leaks. You have to understand that it’s easy to see and hear a drip, but a slow leak down a hot or cold water pipe, or even your drainpipe, may not be detectable by simply feeling it.

For instance, when you use the shower, or your bath, and the water drains, unless you crawl under your home to see if there is any leakage, or go into the basement to check for damp wood or puddles on the floor, you won’t notice that it’s there.

Also, leaks are not always consistent, and a professional will be able to tell how long it’s been leaking, and will also tell you what it will cost to get everything repaired and fully functional.