Essentials of Water Leak Detection and Repair

Benefits of Leak Detection and Repair

Proper water conservation depends heavily on timely detection and repair of leaks. Water leakage can be due to a variety of reasons including,

  • Poor construction of pipelines
  • Inadequate protection against corrosion
  • Poor maintenance of valves
  • Mechanical damage

To ensure proper and early water leak detection, it is important to understand that not all leaks are evident or visible.

Often, leaks will remain subterranean and go unnoticed for long periods. This calls for the need to have proper detection methods in place for optimal conservation. Ideally, it is important to have accounted for almost 95% of water use in commercial or industrial system!

Benefits of Water Leak Detection and Repair

One cannot emphasize enough the benefits of timely leak detection and repair:

  • It helps improve the water system’s operational efficiency;
  • Lowers operational costs involved with the water system;
  • Reduces contamination potential;
  • Reduces water outage events;
  • Extends the water facility’s lifespan;
  • Improves public relation;
  • Enhances firefighting capabilities; and
  • Reduces property damage liability related to the water system

Types of Leaks

Leaks can be of different types including,

  • Valves Leak
  • Service Line Leak
  • Supply Line Leak
  • Underground Plumbing Leak

A single factor or a combination of these can be the culprit behind water leakage.

Composition of pipes, the material used, ageing, along with distribution system joining methods can be at fault. Quality of components related to the distribution system and water conditions too, have a role to play in leakage.

Leak Detection and Repair Strategies

Professionals use various methods and high tech devices for a successful leak detection.

Sonic equipment can quickly identify leaking of water without being intrusive in the process.

This includes listening pinpoint devices for examining hydrants and valves, geophones for direct listening, and correlator devices for simultaneous listening at dual points.

It is wrong to think that only large leaks have a role to play in maximum water wastage. Small leaks that fester for a long time lead to excessive water loss, especially because these have a tendency to remain undetected. Regular and proper checking of pipelines and plumbing systems is therefore extremely important.

Checking for Leaks

This includes the inspection of irrigation systems for leaks above ground. For example, the presence of excessive wet regions above underground pipes may indicate broken joints or pipes.

Regular routine examination of equipment and exposed pipes is also important. If there is a sharp and unexplainable increase in water consumption, it is often leakage which is at fault.