Gas leak detection

Gas leak detection

Do you smell gas in your home or workplace? Gas leaks not only cost you money, but they can be fatal as well. Known as the silent killer, gas can knock you unconscious and kill you in a matter of minutes. The most damaging thing leaking gas can cause is an explosion.


Water Leak Detectors is a Leak Detection company based in Melbourne, Victoria. In case of an emergency, call us toll free: 1800-0-LEAKS-1800 053-257.

If you smell gas, get out!

  • Do not plug or unplug any electrical devices
  • Do not turn on or off any electrical switches
  • Leave the home or building. (Tell others to leave as well)
  • Leave doors open when you leave
  • Call us using a cell phone, a pay phone or your neighbor’s phone
  • Do not reenter your premises until we tell you it’s safe

Signs of gas leak


Natural gas is odorless, but gas companies have added a pungent smell to it, more like rotten eggs. If you detect this smell and can hear hissing sound coming from gas appliances, that’s a sure sign of a leak.


You can catch a leak outdoors through these telltale signs:

  • Dying or wilting plants near your pipeline
  • Dirt being blown into the air
  • Bubbling in moist areas

Take immediate action


When you suspect a gas leak, give it prompt attention. Delaying gas leak detection is not worth the risk. Ignoring the problem is not only dangerous but can lead to several other problems as well.


Don’t wait for an explosion to happen!


However, you should never attempt to fix the problem yourself. This is highly dangerous.


Contact Water Leak Detectors for help. Our technicians will locate and fix the problem for you. In addition, we will make sure other related problems are corrected or prevented.


How to prevent gas leaks

  • Avoid gas pipes when digging outside
  • If your burner emits a flame color other than blue, call your gas plumber to have it fixed immediately
  • Make sure the gas meter and pressure regulator are installed in a safe place
  • Gas installation and repair work must be done only by a qualified gas plumber


Water Leak Detectors is a licensed and experienced gas leak detection service provider.


Headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, the company consists of a team of highly skilled and trained technicians.


Our years of experience, expertise and professionalism assure you of quick responses to your gas leak problems.


In addition, we use only the most advanced gas leak detection equipment to ensure a non-invasive non-destructive accurate solution to your problem.


We offer 24 hour emergency gas leak detection service. Call us today!